Being A Divinely Guided Artist


Suddenly Being Able To Draw 

I get asked all of the time if I have been drawing since I was a child, or where I went to art school, etc. and if I've always known I was a healer...


None of that was my reality. I wasn't able to draw until much later in life. As for the healing, I've been transmuting and healing since I was born, however I didn't know I was doing it. I was very sick most of my life because my energy system was so compromised due to the fact I had no idea who or what I was.


However, as a. Psychic, I was getting intense psychic information at the ages of 4 and 5 and giving psychic advice/spiritual information to roomfuls of adults by the age of 7. That wasn't long lived because I quit do to people not taking my advice but treating me more like entertainment. I tell the story on healing my website of when I quit at a gathering, lying that I didn't get messages anymore!


And I never lied, but I was done missing the fun stuff for people who didn't pay attention to the advice they were given. As a child I didn't understand that, it seemed so simple. I didn't understand how complex (and stubborn) adults are. 

For more about all of that, and much more-visit my healing website,

As far as the ART goes...


Being an artist wasn't an ability I had until I was nearly 30 years old.


Only now am I really good at it and I know I can draw anything-if I decide to. I'm still in shock at what comes through me...


Before I was exploring and my drawings were good but not, OMG good.


Now, they are impressive, especially to myself! And that's not because I've been practicing this entire time-I haven't! The ability is present because I am what I am and it's what I'm supposed to be doing. 

I haven't been drawing this entire time. I did in the beginning, back around 2001-leaving many works unfinished because I would get to a point that it was obvious that I could draw what I was intending, so I would let my focus go elsewhere and try another drawing.


I liked working off of pictures, but had a hard time if I didn't have a reference and even if I did, I couldn't draw everything I wanted.

Some things were beyond my ability.


I came close, or it took me a long time. This was many years before my Spiritual Awakening process, but it was a huge step on the way there, and getting the message:

"The Key Is To Create".


Now things are very different in every way with me and my life-especially with my art. Now, I don't need a reference and I can easily draw what I see in my mind's eye and the fact that I am Divinely Guided in my art-both in digital form and in pencil makes it so my creations much of the time is a surprise to me. 


Now I can also channel information and the ability to know what to do, tapping into my past lives. And it's no coincidence that in all of my past lives I was some form of healer and artist.


I am what I am

So, the higher level ability is me being able to tap into what I already have done in other lifetimes.


And, the same goes for my healing and those abilities and other abilities I'm yet to tap into.

All of this life is meant to be spent remembering and integrating and using those abilities to be in service. 


If we break it down-that's THE MISSION for us all. The details will come together the way they are meant to. 

As I've said, we are never finished growing and evolving, something I've been doing since creation was created. 


What I can do now, artistically or medically or otherwise, and what I'll be able to do in the future is directly related to who I am as a Divine Angelic Incarnated in this body and the other lifetimes.

What is Light Encoded Digital Art?

As a Light Body & Natural Energy Healer & Quantum Alchemist I am able to channel light codes into the art itself. 


This happens with intention and using different colors and their frequencies as well as how I am divinely guided to use the frequencies within nature for my digital art and the vibrations and the animals I channel through my pencil art.


Everything carries a vibration and when we as energy workers use our gifts and abilities when we create, and we intend to channel healing frequencies into our creations, those works hold the vibration of our intentions as well as the frequencies of the colors

What this means is that when you look at the art, you are receiving higher dimensional frequencies and it helps you to open up higher awareness.

Depending on who you are, what your vibration is, and what your body and soul need, your system will respond accordingly.

The Unity Owl is a perfect example of how I'm guided in my art. This piece was 100% Guided and I did not plan it out at all. In fact, I was very surprised when the different elements created the Unity Owl,

Suddenly An Artist?

One night I just let my soul speak.

I was on a first date with a man who was a very gifted artist and I was going on and on about how he was so blessed and lucky to have that gift and ability. I


went on and on about how I would love to be able to draw, and if I could what I would do.

I basically declared that I WANTED to be an artist with my entire being, and I would make it a HUGE part of my life if I had that ability, like I always dreamed...

I never thought that those words would DO ANYTHING.

I was "just talking". Then, a couple of days later when I'm sitting with my son, he was about 8 years old at the time, and he was bored so I suggested the "Learning to do Cartooning" art book set that I bought him months prior fro Christmas and it was still untouched. 

Of course he decided Lego's were a better choice and so I pulled out that set. 

And I proceeded to draw everything in the book, but not doing it in any way it was showing, I just went cover to cover drawing everything and new things too. My son and I were both shocked about it.


Like somehow I had lied to him all of these years! Nope, I wasn't holding back-not that I knew of anyway.  We were both shocked about it, as he was a better artist than I was at that point! 


And now, my ability to draw is on a level that is much, much higher than it was then. Back then I rarely spent time in and with the detail because I was so transfixed with the fact I could draw, I didn't need to see it through-apparently. 

And then I didn't draw for many years after a certain point. Many, many years. I was very sick with Fibromyalgia, years away from being divinely guided to heal myself.


Even though I thought of it, I had no motivation, and truly I was very suicidal for a long time when I was so ill with Fibromyalgia.


Read the story and watch the video of how I was able to rid myself of the illness in just a couple of minutes after being divinely guided in a meditation.  Go to : & my YouTube: Infinite Love Light


I was very, sick and being as sick as I was, creating was not something I had in me. My energy went to survival not creation.  

Even after I drew The Unity Owl, and a few others-and well after being healed and a healer. It still took nearly an entire year to start drawing again on a regular basis. I didn't realize that it truly was what I was supposed to be doing. 

The Infinite Bald Eagle was the first thing I had drawn in a very long time, and it was a gift for a friend for Christmas, 2018.

Now, I have several new pieces done and for sale and more in the works as I've integrated to the point where it was obvious that the answer to balancing my life was to not only be a healer but an Artist first and then a healer. 

So, yes-now I'm an Artist like I said I would be so many years ago, when I declared that if I had the ability and the gift, that I would make it a part of my life-a huge part and now, finally-that is a reality. 


Creating and selling my art at this level is something I never thought I would actually do in this lifetime, but the same can be said for 100% of my life at this point! 

Life truly is a beautiful, miraculous thing that I'm so very grateful for each and every day. 

Thank you for being here and sharing in the magic, and may you find your own and share it with the world.


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