~ i n f i n i t i ~

Divinely Guided Artist, Divine Soul Guide,

Medical Medium, Psychic Physical Empath,

Medium, Divine Channel,

Natural Born Energy Healer facilitating

Infinite Love Light Energy Healings

for her human and animal clients worldwide

via distance healing from her home in California.



for information and to book sessions

She offers many Spiritual Guidance & Healing Services

Cosmic Mother.JPG


"Cosmic Mother" By Infiniti



Many years ago Infiniti was channeled a short but very important message:  The Key Is To Create She didn't understand just how important and profound that message was for a long time.

It wasn't until 2017 that she came to realize the true meaning to that message. 

To be in a state of creation is to be one with your Soul and with all of Creation, and with Mother-Father God.

When we tap into and use those creative forces that live inside of us we are putting out high vibrational frequencies into the universe.


That is the key to defusing negative energy, and evolving-not just on an individual basis but for all of creation .

Infiniti created this website with one thing in mind: To share her LIGHT ENCODED ART CREATIONS with the world and to inspire others to do the same. 

The idea behind this website is to have easy access to one of a kind art via printable download a print at home format not only for her own art, but to have a platform for any other artist of ANY AGE!


Children are welcome to share their creations just like the rest of us and it is important that we cultivate their abilities and praise and share their work at every level. Parents will be their Portal Administrators. 

This is a place for Creators who are interested in sharing and even selling their work-regardless of artistic level,

degrees or experience or age.

As for Infiniti, her artistic expression comes through in many forms-from pencil drawings, watercolor, digital art and photography, as well as video. But she'll turn anything into ART! Her spiritual connections divinely guide her to create and her passions are GAIA: NATURE & ANIMALS and most of her art is inspired by her love of both.